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How Duralock Saved 70% On CRM Costs While Achieving Better Operational Efficiency

Read Time 5 mins | Written by: Abhishek Singla

Duralock Testimonial

: Duralock

Industry: Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Project: CRM Transition and Cost Optimization


Duralock, a prominent player in the manufacturing and supply chain sector, was using HubSpot as their primary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Despite its capabilities, the cost of maintaining HubSpot was exorbitant, amounting to £20,000 per year. Additionally, Duralock needed a CRM solution that could integrate their post-sales delivery management and enhance their workflow automation.


To transition Duralock from HubSpot to a more cost-effective and efficient CRM solution, Ziel Lab was tasked with:

  • Understanding Duralock's specific CRM requirements.
  • Analyzing multiple CRM solutions to find the best fit.
  • Implementing the chosen CRM with optimized workflows and additional features.
  • Significantly reducing CRM-related costs.

Solution: Migration to

After a thorough analysis of various CRM solutions, Ziel Lab identified as the optimal choice for Duralock’s needs. The transition process involved:

  1. Requirement Analysis:

    • Detailed meetings with Duralock’s sales and operations teams to list their exact needs.
    • Key requirements included robust deal management, data synchronization from external sources, comprehensive mapping of CRM entities, and automated sales flows.
  2. CRM Selection:

    • Evaluation of several CRM platforms based on Duralock’s requirements.
    • was selected for its flexibility, cost-efficiency, and ability to integrate additional features like post-sales delivery management.
  3. Implementation and Automation:

    • Sales Deals Creation: Automated the process of creating sales deals based on incoming data.
    • Data Synchronization: Integrated Crunchbase to automatically sync business information, ensuring that all data is up-to-date and accurate.
    • Information Mapping: Mapped contacts, companies, deals, and service tickets to maintain a cohesive view of all interactions and transactions.
    • Automated Sales Flows: Defined country-wise sales flows that are automatically triggered upon deal creation, streamlining the sales process.
    • Team Notifications: Set up notifications for the sales team based on specific deal requirements, ensuring timely follow-ups and actions.
    • Pandadoc Integration: Integrated Pandadoc for automated quote generation, quote acceptance with e-signature, and delivery documentation, all within, enhancing the end-to-end sales and delivery process.


The migration to yielded significant benefits for Duralock:

  • Cost Reduction: Monthly CRM costs were reduced from £20,000 to £3,500, resulting in substantial savings.
  • Enhanced Features: Integration of post-sales delivery management within the CRM, which was not possible with HubSpot.
  • Improved Efficiency: Automation of key processes, leading to more efficient workflows and better resource management.
  • Streamlined Operations: Unified CRM system that provided a holistic view of all business operations, improving decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Automated Documentation: Automated the quote generation, acceptance, and delivery documentation processes with Pandadoc, reducing manual efforts and accelerating the sales cycle.


The partnership between Duralock and Ziel Lab demonstrated the importance of selecting the right CRM tailored to business needs. The transition to not only slashed costs but also introduced advanced functionalities and streamlined workflows, driving greater efficiency and productivity for Duralock. This case study underscores Ziel Lab's expertise in CRM transitions and cost optimization, showcasing our commitment to delivering tangible value to our clients. 


Save money on your CRM costs while achieving better operational efficiency.

Abhishek Singla

Abhishek Singla leads Ziel Lab with expertise in CRM and analytics tools like Segment, HubSpot, Keap, Pipedrive, GA4, and Mixpanel. Specializing in demystifying the complex CRM landscape, he empowers businesses to streamline processes and enhance customer relationships through data insights. Join him on the blog for practical tips on navigating CRM and analytics challenges.