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Whether it be running successful product development workflows or running informed marketing campaigns, our data tech stack will keep your team informed about the outputs and outcomes of your actions. Therefore, guiding you towards success with informed decisions.

“Data reveals impact, and with data, you can bring more science into your decisions”

Data solutions for scaling companies

Data-driven growth and analytics consulting for scale-ups & SMEs.

At Ziel Lab, we understand that data can be overwhelming. That's why our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way. From initial setup and implementation to ongoing support and training, we ensure that you have the knowledge and resources to make the most of your analytics investment. With our expertise and your data, we can transform your business into a data-driven powerhouse, poised for success in today's digital age.
  • Users not converting to paid
  • Users not using your new feature
  • Don't know what to develop next
  • No idea how user is using the product
  • Users dropping off
  • Don't know where users are coming from
  • Increase your conversions by doubling down on effective strategies
  • Increasing product adoption
  • Roadmap is clear and ready
  • Tracking every move of user with analytics
  • Keep users coming back
  • Get detailed view on acquisitions channels and campaigns

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Our unique approach to setting up actionable business analytics.

Business Canvas Model Guiding Analytics

Creating a data and analytics tracking plan for your company using the Business Model Canvas (BMC) framework involves a systematic approach where each component of the BMC informs specific aspects of your tracking plan.
Understand Customer Segments
  • Goal: Identify key customer segments and their specific needs.
  • Tracking Plan Implication: Determine what data you need to collect to understand customer behavior, preferences, and feedback.
Clarify Value Propositions
  • Goal: Understand how your products or services provide value to the customers.
  • Tracking Plan Implication: Track metrics that show how well your product or service is delivering on its promised value. This could include usage patterns, feature adoption, customer satisfaction scores, etc.
Choose Channels
  • Goal: Determine how your products or services are delivered to customers.
  • Tracking Plan Implication: Track the effectiveness of these channels. Analyze data on user engagement, channel preferences, conversion rates, and customer feedback for each channel.
Define Customer Relationships
  • Goal: Understand the type of relationship you have or aim to have with your customers.
  • Tracking Plan Implication: Monitor customer interactions, support requests, and feedback. Use data to analyze customer relationship health, such as Net Promoter Scores (NPS) or customer satisfaction (CSAT).
Identify Revenue Streams
  • Goal: Recognize how the company makes money from its customers.
  • Tracking Plan Implication: Track revenue-related data like sales figures, subscription renewals, upsells, and churn rates. Monitor the performance of different pricing models or products.
List Key Resources
  • Goal: Identify the essential resources required for your business operations.
  • Tracking Plan Implication: Monitor the utilization and efficiency of these resources. For digital resources, track uptime, performance metrics, and user satisfaction.
Highlight Key Activities
  • Goal: Specify the activities crucial to your business’s value proposition, customer relationships, and revenue streams.
  • Tracking Plan Implication: Track operational metrics related to these key activities. Measure efficiency, effectiveness, and the impact of these activities on overall business goals.
Analyze Cost Structure
  • Goal: Understand the major cost drivers in your business.
  • Tracking Plan Implication: Track cost-related metrics, analyze cost-benefit ratios, and identify areas for cost optimization.

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Abhishek is very knowledgeable on digital marketing and communicates efficiently. If the service details are clear and well stated you will work great with him, which is critical if you are looking to give out the management of multiple projects at the same time.

Juan David
CEO of Waykana

Steve Johanns
Founder of Veriown Global

Abhi is one of the best digital marketers you could ever find. Thorough, knowledgeable, and has a great grasp on all aspects of digital marketing. Looking forward to continuing to work with him down the road!

Scott Grahams

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